Property & Strata Management

Currently with a portfolio of over 180 projects island-wide, we are one of the top Managing Agent in Singapore. We have also developed a wide pool of Professional Property Managers whom we regard as our company’s biggest assets. We are also constantly upgrading our expertise by adopting up-to-date technologies and artificial intelligence. This includes amongst others, online booking systems, digital feedback system, cashless payments and digital contract management. In summary, here are the salient points why you should appoint Chambers as your MANAGING AGENT.


Focused Delivery

Chambers’ core activity is property and strata management.

Economies of Scale

Portfolio of over 180 projects island wide with large pool of supporting contractors to enjoy the most competitive rates.


Chambers has adopted artificial intelligence to meet the highest standards of our clients expectations.

Professional Leadership

Chambers is recognized as a pioneer leader in this field of property and strata management.

Proven History

Establish since 1980, we are fully equipped and experienced in property and strata management

One Stop Services

Comprehensive property and strata management solutions